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It is possible to learn more of a human being in one minute of love than in months of observation.   (Rolland,Roman) 你对一个人的了解,用一分钟的爱情能比几个月的观察更有效。(罗曼?罗兰)

Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith. (Bronte,Charlotte) 同爱人一起吃青草比同仇人一道吃肥牛还要强得多。(勃朗蒂?C)

A beautiful form is better than a beautiful face; a beautiful behavior than a beautiful form.   (Emerson,Ralph Waldo) 美丽的外形胜过漂亮的脸蛋;美丽的行为胜过美丽的外形。(爱默生)

A friend is , as it were, a second self.Cicero, Ancient Roman statesman 可以说,朋友是另一个自我。 古罗马政治家 西塞罗
A man should keep his friendship in constant repair. Samuel Johnaon, British writer 只有经常“浇灌”, 方能保持友谊天长地久。 英国作家 约翰逊.S.

A true friend is for ever a friend. Grorge Macdonald, British novelist 要私下告诫朋友,但是要公开夸奖朋友。 叙利亚拉丁语作家 西拉士.P.

Animals are such agreeable friends --they ask no questions, they pass no criticism. George Eliot, British novelist 动物是极易相处的朋友,它们从来不提问,也从不会批评。 英国小说家 艾略特.G.

Be slow in choosing a friend, slower in changing. Benjamin Franklin, American pesident 选择朋友要谨慎,换朋友更要谨慎。 美国总统 富兰克林.B.

Because friendships enhance our lives ,it is important to cultivate them. Robert Louis Stevenson, British novelist and poet 培植友谊十分重要,因为友谊能提高生活的价值。 英国小说家、诗人 史蒂文森 .R.L.

Betraying a trust is a very quick and painful way to terminate a friendship. Ralph Waldo Emerson, American thinker 背信弃义会迅速而痛苦地断送友谊。 美国思想家   爱默生.R.W.

Don't try to win a friend by presenting gifts. You should instead contribute your sincere love and learn how to win others 'heart through appropriate ways. Socrates, Ancient Greek philosopher 不要靠馈赠去获得朋友,你必须奉献你诚挚的爱,学会怎样用正当的方法来赢得别人的心。 古希腊哲学家 苏格拉底

Friendship is an essential ingredient in the making of a healthful, rewarding life. Ralph Waldo Emerson, American thinker 友谊是使人的一生健康而有意义所不可缺少的组成部分。 美国思想家 爱默生.R.W.

Friendship is both a source of pleasure and a component of good health.  Ralph Waldo Emerson, American thinker 友谊既是快乐之源泉,又是健康之要素。 美国思想家 爱默生.R.W.

He that will not allow his friend to share the prize must not expect him to share the danger. Aesop, Ancient Greek fable writer 不肯让朋友共享果实的人,不要指望朋友与他共患难。 古希腊寓言作家 伊索

Ignorance is the mother of supstition. (Balzac Honore de) 无知是迷信之母。(巴尔扎克 H)

Scantiness of modesty is short of knowledge. (Franklin Benjamin) 缺少谦虚就是没有知识。(富兰克林 B)

When you want knowledge like you wanted air under water then you will get it. (Socrates) 当你需要知识就像你在水底需要空气一样时,你准能得到它。(苏格拉底)

To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.(Disraeli Benjamin) 意识到自己无知等于向知识迈出了一大步。(狄斯雷利)

A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm. (Ibsen henrik) 社会犹如一条船,每个人都应该准备掌舵。(易卜生 H)

A man can be destroyed but not defeated. (Hemingway Ernest) 一个人可以被摧毁,但不能被击败。(海明威 E)

If A equals sucess, then the formula is A equals X plus Y plus Z, with X being work, Y play, and Z keeping your mouth shut. (Einstein Albert) 如果A等于成功,那公式就是:“A等于X加Y加Z”其中X是工作,Y是游戏,Z是闭嘴不说话。(爱因斯坦 A)

It's arecession when your neighbour loses his job; It's a depression when you lose your own.  (Trueman Harry S) 邻居失业,意味着经济萧条;自己失业,意味着意志消沉。(杜鲁门 H*S)

Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion. (Hegel George Wilhelm) 这个世界上要是没有热情是不可能完成伟大事业的。(黑格儿 G*W)

Self-conquest is the greatest of victories. (Plato) 征服自我是胜利中最大的胜利。(柏拉图)

Knowledge is the antidote of fear. (Emerson,Ralph Waldo) 知识是治疗恐惧的药。(爱默生)

In science, the importance is something that has been reached out, not the researcherhimself. (Curie,Marie) 在科学上,重要的是研究出来的东西,不是研究者本人。(居里夫人)

If a friend tells a fault, imagine always that he has not told the whole. Robert Louis Stevenson, British novelist and poet 如果朋友告诉你一个缺点,请设想他没有和盘托出。 英国小说家、诗人史蒂文森. R.L.

It is not enough to help the feeble up, but to support him after. William Shakespeare, British dramatist 仅仅把弱者扶起来是不够的,还要在他站起来之后支持他。英国剧作家 莎士比亚.W.

No man is the whole of himself; his friends are the rest of him. Harry Emerson Fosdick, American churchman 任何人自己都不是完整的;他的朋友是他的其余部分。 美国教士 福斯迪克,H.E.

No matter how strong you are how notable your attainments, you have endruring significance only in your relationship to others. Ziegler Edward, American writer 不管你有多么强大、你的成就多么辉煌,只有保持你与他人之间的关系,这一切才会有持久的意义。 美国作家 爱德华.Z .

People need to know one another to be at their honest best. Robbins Staca, Britsh writer 人们需要相互了解才能达到最诚实的境界。 英国作家 斯达卡.R.

Some components of a thriving friendship are honesty, naturalness, thoughtfulness, some common interests. Ralph Waldo Emerson, American thinker 确保友谊常青的诸要素是:诚实、朴实自然、体贴和某些共同的兴趣。 美国思想家 爱默生。R.W.

Suspicion is the poison of friendship . St, Augustine, Bishop of hippo  怀疑是对友谊所下毒药。 希波主教 圣奥古斯丁

The only way to have a friend is to be one. Ralph Waldo Emerson, American thinker 唯一能获得朋友的办法就是自己先有友道。 美国思想家 爱默生.R.W.

Throughout life, we rely on small groups of people for love, admira-tion, respect, moral support, and help. Ralph Waldo Emerson, American thinker 整个一生,我们都有赖于从一些人群中获得友爱、觉识、尊重、道义支持和帮助。 美国思想家 爱默生.R.W.

To make your life a sound structrure that will serve others and fulfil your own potential, you have to remember that strength, howevermassive , can't endure unless it has the interlocking supprt of others. Go it alone and you'll inevitably tumble.

Zichler Edward, Admerican writer 要使你的生活成为有益于他人同时又能发挥你自己的潜力的牢固的建筑,你必须记住,除非与他人的支持联系在一起,否则无论多么大的力量都难以持久,单枪匹马必将一事无成。

美国作家 爱德华.Z.

True friendship is like sound health .The value of it is seldom known until it is lost. Charles Caleb Colton, British writer 真正的友谊犹如健康,只有失去时,才会意识到它的价值。 英国作家 科尔顿C.C.

Two persons cannot long be friends if they cannot forgive each other's little failings. Jean de La Bruyere, French moralist 如果两个人对于彼此的小缺点不能相互原谅,他们的友谊便不能持久。 法国道德家 拉布吕耶尔.J.D.

Very close and trusted friends share confidences candidly. They feel secure that they will not be ridiculed of derided ,and their confidences will be honored. Robert Louis Steveson, British novelist and poet 亲密而互相信任的朋友之间彼此赤诚相见,他们不会被戏弄和嘲笑,因而心理踏实无虑,他们之间这种信任会受到尊重。 英国小说家、诗人 史蒂文森.R.L.

We can not tell the precise moment when friendship is founded, As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is at last a drop which makes it run over ; so in a serics of kindness there is at last one which makes the heart run over. James Boswell, British writer 我们无法讲出友谊缔造的确切时刻,就像一点一滴地倾注一个容器一样,终有一滴使容器满溢;因此,面对接二连三的好意,终有那么一次会动人心弦,情谊洋溢。

英国作家 博斯韦尔,J.

When something sensational happens to us, sharing the happiness of the occasion with friends intensifies our joy. Conversely, in times of trouble and tension, when our spirits are low, unburdening our worries and fears to compassionate friends alleviates the stress. Ralph Waldo Emerson, American thinker 欣逢喜事,与朋友分享其乐,喜上加喜。反之,身处逆境,情绪颓丧,向富有同情心的朋友倾诉愁苦才会减轻痛苦。 美国思想家 爱默生.R.W.

With close friends in their lives ,people develop courage and positive attitudes.Teenagers have the moral support to assert their individuality;the elderly approach their advanced years with optimism and an interest in life.

Ralph Waldo Emerson. American thinker

A man is either free or he is not. There cannot be any apprenticeship for freedom. I Baraka. French Writer  人要么是自由的,要么是不自由的,从来就不存在过渡阶段。 法国作家巴拉卡 A.

A new breeze is blowing --and a nation refreshed by freedom stands ready to push on : there is new ground to be broken, and new action to be taken. Ceorge Bush, American President  一种新颖的风正在吹拂,为激励的民族随时准备向前推进;新的道路有待开拓,新的行动有待采取。

Among a people general corrupt, liberty cannot long exist. Edmond Burke, British statesman  在一个普遍腐败的民族里,自由不可能长期存在。 英国政治家 伯克 .E.

Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently. Rosa Luxemburg. Cerman revolutionary.  自由始终是、并且只能是持不同思想者的自由。 德国革命家 卢森堡. R

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four. If that is granted, all else follows. Ceorge Eric Blair Orwell. British novelist  自由是指人们有说“2+2=4”的自由,有了这一保证,其他一切便会随之而来。 英国小说家奥韦尔 .G.E.B.

I intend no modification of my hope ...expressed personal wish that all men everywhere could be free. Abraham Lincoln. American president  我无意改变时常表达的个人愿望: 愿天下所有的人都能自由。 美国总统林肯. A

Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! -- I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death! Patrick Henry. Americna revolutionary  难道生命如此宝贵,和平如此甜美,以至于不 惜以枷锁和奴役为代价去换取它们吗?万能的上帝,请千万别让这种事情发生。——我不知道别人会走什么路,但是就我而言,不自由,毋宁死! 美国革命家 亨利 .P.

It is conflict and not unquestioning agreement that deeps freedom alive. In a free country there will always be coflicting ideas, and this is a source of strength. Thomas Jefferson. American president  使自由保持活力是冲突而不是绝对的一致。在一个自由的国家里总会有各种相冲突的思想,而这正是力量的源泉。 美国总统杰斐逊 .T.

It is true that liberty is precious ...... so precious that it must be rationed. Vladimir liyich lenin,. Russian revolutionary  真的,自由很珍贵,珍贵得必须按定量分配。 俄国革命家列宁 .V. L.

Liberty and civilization are only fragments of rights wrung from the strong hands of wealth and book learning. Wendel Dhillips. American Social reformer  自由和文明不过是从有钱人和读书人有力的手中强夺过来的一些权利的碎片。 美国社会改革家菲利斯 .W.

Liberty is in every blow! Let us do or die. Robbert Burns, British poet.  多一分斗争,添一分自由!不在斗争中生,就在等待中死。 英国诗人彭斯 .R.

Liberty is the only thing you cannot have unless you give it to others. William A White . American journalit.   自由就是这样的东西,不给予别人你自己也无法得到。 美国记者 怀特. W. A.

Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth. Ceorge Washington, Father of the United States  自由一旦生根,便是株迅猛生长的植物。 美国国父 华盛顿 .G.

None is of freedom or of life deserving unless he daily conquers it anew. Erasmus, Dutch humanist  只有每天再度战胜生活并夺取自由的人,才配享受生活和自由。 荷兰人文主义者 伊拉斯漠

Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnamese statesan  没有什么比独立和自由更可宝贵的了。 越南政治家 胡志明。

Smokers and nonsmokers can not be equally free in the same railway carriage.  Ceorge Bernard shw. British dramatist.  吸烟者和不吸烟者在同一节车厢里无法享受同样的自由。 英国剧作家 肖伯纳,.G.

The history of liberty is a history of the limitation of government power. Woodrow Wilson, American president   自由的历史是限制政府权力的历史。 美国总统威尔逊.W。

The most normal and the most perfect human being is the one who most thoroughly addresses himself to the activity of his best powers ,gives himself most thoroughly to the world around him ,flings himself out into the midst of humanity ,and is so preoccu pied by his own beneficent reaction on the world that he is practically unconscious of a sep arate existence...  最正常、最完美的人就是那彻底投身于自己最擅长的活动的人,是那完全献身于周围世界的人,是和群众打成一片的人。他完全专心致志于他对世界的有利作用,以致于几乎意识不到自己与世界还存在距离……   Frences E .C. Willard. American Social activist   美国社会活动家拉德,F。E。C。

The only man who is really free is the one who can turn down an invitation to dinner without giving any excuse .  唯一真正自由的人是能够拒绝宴会的邀请,而不用找借口的人。   Jules Renard. French playwriter and novelist    法国剧作家、小说家勒纳尔.J.

The truth is cruel ,but it can be loved ,and it makes free those who have loved it. Jxartre,American writer   尽管真理是无情的,但也是可爱的,它使爱它的人自由。 美国作家萨特 . J.

That freedom and order are not incompatible ;that reverence is the maid of knowledge; that free discussion is the life of truth, and of true unity in a nation.  自由与秩序并非必然互相排斥,知识高于威严,自由讨论是真理的生命,也是国家真正团结统一的生命。

That freedom and order are not incompatible ;that reverence is the maid of knowledge; that free discussion is the life of truth, and of true unity in a nation. Thomas Henry Huxley, British naturalist   英国博物学家赫胥.T. H.

There is in liberty as in innocence and virtue a satisfaction one can only feel in their enjoyment and a pleasure which can cease only when lost.   自由同清白与美德一样,只有在你享用它时,才感到满足,一旦失去它们,你就会感到欢乐停止了。 Rousseau,French thinker  法国思想家 卢梭

Those who deny freedom to others hardly deserve it for themselves.  凡是不给别人自由的人,自己也无法得到。Alexander PoPe.British writer  英国诗人蒲柏,A

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigue of supporting it .  想要收获自由之果的人,必须承受维护自由的劳苦。   Thomas Paine, British writer   英国作家潘恩。T。

Where the press is free and every man able to read ,all is free . Tshomas Jefferson,American President

A penny saved is a penny gained. Richard Brckminster Fuller.American srchitect 省下一分钱等于得到一分钱。 美国建筑师富勒.R.B.

All good things are cheap, all bad things are very dear. Henry David Thoreau, Ameican writer  一切好的东西都是便宜的,所有坏的东西都是非常贵的。 美国作家梭罗。H.D.

All the splendor in the world is not worth a good friend. Voltaire, French thinker  人世间所有的荣华富贵不如一个好朋友。 法国思想家伏尔泰

Apply yourself to true riches; it is shameful to depend upon silver and gold for a happy life. Lrcius Annaeus Seneca, Ancient Roman Philosopher  要争取真正的财富,靠金银谋取幸福是不光彩的。 古罗马哲学家西尼加.L.A.

An ounce of prudence is worth a pound of gold. Tobias Smollett, British writer  一盎司谨慎抵得上一磅黄金。 英国作家 .斯摩莱特 .T.

Beggars cannot be choosers. Du Bose Heywood, American writer  乞丐不能挑肥拣瘦。 美国作家海伍德.D.B.

Beggars do not envy millionaires, though of course they will envy other beggars who are more successful. Betrand Russell, British philosopher  乞丐并不羡慕百万富翁,尽管他们一定会羡慕比他们乞讨得多的乞丐。 英国哲学家罗素.B.

Creditors have better memories than debtors. Benjamin Franklin. American president  放债的比借债记性好。 美国总统富兰克林。B.

Economy is in itself a source of great revenue. Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Ancient Roman Philosopher  节约本身就是最大的收入 . 罗马哲学家 西尼加,L.A.

Economy is the poor man' s mint; and extravagance the rich man ' s pitfall.  节约是穷人的造币厂,浪费是富翁的陷阱。 英国作家 塔泊.M

Few rich men own their property.The property owns them. Robert Green Ingersoll. American Iawyer  极少富人拥有他们的财产,是财产拥有他们。 美国律师英格索尔.R.G.

He that has a full purse never lacks a friend. Even in a busy market, nobody cares to know a poor person. Anonymors  富在深山有远亲;贫在闹市无人识。

I finally know what distinguishes man from the other beasts:financial worries. Jules Renard, French playwright  我终于明白人与野兽的区别在于:人为钱而担忧。 法国剧作家勒纳尔.J.

I would rather have my people laugh at my economies than weep for my extravagance. Oscar ll, Swedish king  我宁愿让我的人民嘲笑我的的小气也不愿让他们为我的挥霍而哭泣。 瑞典国王奥斯卡二世

If rich, it is easy enough to conceal our wealth, but, if poor, it is not so easy to conceal our poverty. We shall find it less difficult to hide a thousand guineas, than one hole in our coat. Charles C. Colton, British clergyman  如果富有,藏富很容易;如果贫穷,掩饰贫穷却很难。我们不难发现隐藏1000个金币比遮盖衣服上的一个破洞来得容易。 英国画妆师科尔顿.C.C

If you would know the value of money, go and try to borrow some. Benjamin Franklin, American presudent  要想知道钱的价值,就想办法去借钱试试。 美国总统富兰克林.B.'

If your Riches are yours, why don't you take them with you to the other world? Benjiamin Franklin, American president  如果财富是你的,那么你为什么不把它们和你一起带到另一个世界去呢? 美国总统富兰克林.B.

It is better to live rich than to die rich. Samuel Johnson, British writer  与其在死时后中握着一大把钱,还不如活着的时候活得丰富多采。


It is good to have money to buy things that money can buy ,but it is better not to lose things money cannot buy.  George H. Lorimer, American journalist  有钱去买能得到的东西当然不错,但是不丢失用金钱买不到的东西更好。 美国记者洛里默.G.H.

Men do not desire merely to be rich, but to be richer than other men. John Stuart Mill, British economist  人们不仅希望富有,而且希望比他人更富有。 英国经济学家穆勒.J.S

Money is a good servant and a bad master. Francis Bacon, British Philosopher  金钱是善仆,也是恶主。 英国哲学家培根.F.

Money is a singular thing, It ranks with love as man's greatest source of joy. And with death as his greatest source of anxiety. J.K, Galbraith, American economist  钱是最奇怪地东西,当它和爱情在一起 时候,是人类幸福最大的源泉;当它和死亡联系在一起的时候,是人类焦虑的最重要缘由。 美国经济学家加尔布雷斯.J.K.

Money is like muck, not good except it be spread. Francis Bacon, BAritish phlosopher  金钱好比粪肥,只有撒到大地才是有用之物。 英国哲学家培根.F.

Money is not the root of all eviles as is usually claimed, what is the root of all evils is the lust for money, that is the excessive, selfish and greedy pusuit of mnoey. Nathaniell Hawthorn, American writer  金钱并非像平常说的那样是万恶之源。而对金钱的贪图,既对金钱过分的、自私的、贪婪的追求,才是一切邪恶的根源。 美国作家霍桑.N.

Money is the sinews of love, as of war. George Farquhar, Irish dramatist  金钱是爱情的支柱,犹如金钱是战争的支柱一样。 爱尔兰剧作家法夸尔.G.

Money may be the husk of many things, but not the kernel. It brings you food, but not appetite; medicine, but not health;acquaintances, but not friends; servants, but not loyalty; days of joy, but not peace of happiness. Henrik Ibsen, Norwegian dramatist  金钱可以是许多东西的外壳,却不是里面的果实。它带来食物,却带不来胃口;带来药,却带不来健康;带来相识,却带不来友谊;带来仆人,却带不来他们的忠心;带来享受,却带不来幸福的宁静。 挪威剧作家易卜生.H

Money will buy a pretty dog, but it won't buy the wag of his tail. J, Billings, American humorist  金钱能买到一条不错的狗,但是买不到它的摇动尾巴。 美国幽默作家比林斯.J.

No country, however rich, can afford the waste of its human resources. Franklin Roosevelt, American pesident  任何一个国家,不管它多么富裕,都浪费不起人力资源。 美国总统罗斯福.F.

Poverty is an abnormality to rich people. It is very difficult to make out why people who want dinner do not ring the bell. Walter Bagehot, Buetish economist  对于富人来说,贫穷是不可理解的异常现象:他们怎么也弄不明白,那些想要吃饭的人,为什么不摇铃让人送来呢? 英国经济学家巴杰特.W.

Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing. Albert Einstein, American scientist  有时候一个人为不花钱得到的东西付出的代价最高。 美国科学家爱因斯坦.A.

That man is the richest whose pleasure are the cheapest. Henry David Thoreau, American writer  能处处寻求快乐的人才是最富有的人。 美国作家梭罗.H.D

The fly that sips treacle is lost in the sweet. John Gay, British dramatist and plet  啜饮密糖的苍蝇在甜蜜中丧生。 英国剧作家、诗人盖伊.J.

The human species, according to the best theory I can form of it, is composed of two distinct races, the man who borrows, and the man who lends. Charles Lamb, British essayist  按照我所能归纳的最好理论,人类是由两个截然不同的种族构成的,即借方与出借方。 英国散文家兰姆,C.

The only thing wealth does for some people is to make them worry about losing them.  A. R .Ricvarol, French writer  财富对有些人只做了一件事:使他们担心会失去财富。 法国作家里瓦罗尔.A.R.

The vices of the rich and great are mistaken for error, and those of the poor and lowly, for crimes. Margrerite Blessington, Irish writer 富人和伟人的罪恶被错当作谬误,穷人和凡人的过失却被错当作犯罪。 爱尔兰作家布莱辛顿.M

There are only two families in the world, as a grandmother of mine used to say, the haves and the have-nots. Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish novelist  正如我的一位祖母说过的那样,这个世界上只有两家人:那就是富人和穷人。 西班牙小说家塞万提斯.M.

Those who have some means think that the most impo rtant thing in the world is love. The poor know that it is money. Gerald Brenan, British writer  手头上有点钱的人认为爱是世界上最重要的东西,而穷人则明白世界上最重要的是金钱。 英国作家布伦南.G.

To suppose, as we all suppose, that we could be rich and not behave as the rich behave, is like supposing that we could drink all day and keep absolute sober. Logan Pearsall Smith, American weiter  如果以为我们变富后不会像有钱人那样行事,这无异地以为我们能终日豪饮,但又能保持头脑清醒。 美国作家史密斯.L.P.

Wealth may be an exscellent thing, for it means power. leisure, and liberty. James Russell Lowell, British plet and critic  财富也许是好东西,因为它意味着权力、安逸和自由。 英国诗人、批评家洛威尔.J.R.

A light heart can bear everything. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet 轻松愉快的心情能够忍受一切。 德国诗人歌德.J.W

He who will not reason, is a bigot; he who cannot is a fool ;and he who dares not is a slave. William Drummond. British engineer 不愿说理的人是顽固分子;不会说理的人是傻瓜;不敢说理的人是奴隶。 英国工程师     德拉蒙德.W.

How differences between men and women might be used for our mu-tual benefit in everything from our relation with one another to a better undrestanding of how our brains work. Delia M.Rios .American writer 男女间的差异在各方面--从人际关系到加深对脑力工作方式的理解--使双方都受益。 美国作家   里奥斯.D.M.

How many a pear which presents a blooming face to the would is rotten at  the core, How many an innocent-looking apple, is harbouring a worm in the bud,. But the orange has no secret faults. Its outside is a mirror of its inside. Allen.A.Milne,American writer 表面鲜嫩可爱,内核变坏的梨子在这个世界上不知有多少。看上去纯净无瑕内心早就长了虫的苹果,在这个世界上不知有多少。然而橙子却毫无缺点可以隐瞒,它的外部就是它内心的一面镜子。 美国作家  米尔恩.A.A

I believe that fame and celebrity, influence and power, success and failure, reality and illusion are all somehow neatly woven into a seamless fabric we laughingly call reality. Howards Melvin, American essayist 我相信声誉和名声、影响和权力、成功和失败、现实和幻想都好像是精心纺织在一匹光洁无缝的织品之中,即我们笑称之为现实的东西。 美国散文家  麦尔文.H.

I  sometimes wonder whether the greater rule of all is --- to know how to please. Moliere, J.B. French writer 有时候, 我真的纳闷,莫非一切行为规范中最重要的一条就是学会怎样取悦于人吗 法国作家  莫里哀.J.B.

If the orange is going to be bad ----for the best of us are bad sometimes ---it begins to be bad from the outside , not from the inside. Allen A. Milne, American writer 如果橙子变坏--我们中间最好的人有时也会变坏它是从外面开始坏起,而不是从内部。 美国作家  米尔恩.A.A

Beauty and  the lust for learning have yet to be allied. Sirmax Beerbohm, British writer  美丽和对知识的渴望应该成为一家。 英国作家  比尔博姆.S.

Beauty is like a rich stone, best plain set. Francis Bacon, Btitish Philosopher 美貌就像宝石,不用装饰最好。 英国哲学家  培根.F.

Beauty lives with kindness. William Shakespeare, British dramatist 美寓于善。 英国剧作家  莎士比亚.W.

Delia M. Rios, Differences-----both real and  imagined ---- are invariably exaggerated in the media and in society as a whole.American writer 差别——不管是真实的还是主观想象的——总是被传媒和社会夸大。 美国作家   里奥.D.M.

Envy is a most terrible thing, and would spoil anybody's nature.Oscar Wilde, British dramatist 嫉妒是很可怕的东西,它会毁坏人的天性。 英国剧作家  王尔德.O.

Everything that lives, lives not alone, nor for itself. William Black ,British poet. 世上的一切生物,既非孤立生存,亦非只为自身生存。英国诗人  布莱克.W.

Fame is very much like an animal chasing his own tail who, when he captures is , does not know what else to do but to continue chasing it, Fame and the exhilarating celebrity that accompanies it, force the famous person to anticipate in his own destruction.HowadsMelvin, Ameican essayist 声誉极像一只追逐自己尾巴的动物,抓住后除了继续追逐不舍之外,再也没有其它方法了。声誉和随之而来的令人兴奋的赞扬迫使出了名的人担心自己的毁灭。美国散文家  麦尔文.H.

Fame turns all the lights on and while it gives power and prestige, it takes the you out of you; you must be what the public thinks you are .not what you really are or could  be. Howards Melvin, American essayist 声誉把一切灯光打亮,一边给你权力和威望,另一边也把“你”赶出你的自身之外你必须成为大众意想中的你,而不是那个真实的你或可能的你。 美国散文  麦尔文.H.

He who can does, he who cannot teaches. George Bernad Shaw, British dramatist 能动手的做事,不能动手的教人。 英国剧作家  肖伯纳.G.